Dogblood Mouthwash - Cinematographer

Dogblood Mouthwash is a short film about a boy, Jake, who will go to extreme lengths to prove to his brother Tom that he can be the person Tom desperately wants him to be.


The film was written by Ethan Demarest in the spring semester of 2016, and production started in September 2017. The shoot lasted for two 12-hour day weekends, and post production happened over spring semester 2017.


It has been the recipient for the GOLDEN JUROR AWARD at the Best of Ringling Ceremony, given by artist Mike Perry (Under the Silver Lake, It Follows). It has also received the BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at the Ringling Film Awards 2017.


Directed by Ethan Demarest

Produced by Taylor Merriman

Cinematography by Rolando Barry

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