Project: Lines

Client: Personal Work

Date: April 2019

Software: Cinema 4D, Redshift

"Lines" Quick look

With "Lines", I wanted to create a seamless loop that felt smooth, satisfying and visually appealing. Playing with the idea of these lines falling exactly right into place as they moved along ticked all of these boxes.

Working with loops requires a different work-flow than the one I'm used to - it takes a lot of planning and ideation before you commit to it. Once you have the basics down, however, it all becomes a playground of adding things here and there to compliment the basis of your animation.

To break up the motion of the lines and add some more visual interest, tweaking the curves of the animation allows you to introduce differences in speed and motion to each individual line while ensuring that they keep looping (provided the start and end point of your keyframe animation stays the same).


I also experimented with other alternative schemes and themes! Here's one of them:


Thank you!

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