Project: Rise Kombucha R&D

Client: TUX

Date: August 2018

Software: Cinema 4D, Redshift, x-Particles, Forester, Photoshop

TUX approached me to carry out some research on still-frames for a project with a campaign from RISE. The brand was about to launch a variety of new flavors of kombucha - a very fresh, carbonated drink made out of fermented tea. I was tasked with researching ways in which to create a hero shot that portrayed several values of the drink that the company was very interested to showcase as a USP.

We went through various iterations of color, degree of effervescence, density of foliage in the background... The ultimate goal to convey was the richness in healthy properties of the drink.

The final renders were a 18000x18000px still of the beauty for a banner and a 2K, 8 second animation.


Here is the comparison between the beauty and the clay render. A lot of the depth to the image is created by the translucent materials and the water.


This is a still of the greenery background alone, with some particles submerged underwater:


Thank you very much!

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